Friday, 28 February 2014


I'm watching Elmudin repair the damage to the van caused by reversing into a wall at Conil when the GF failed to spot it and the hole punched in the fairing by a sharp branch in Croatia when the GF failed to spot that as well. He's filled the holes, put fibreglass around and is now sanding down ready to spray. He's been through my toolbox and bought some unwanted items and the cost will now be €220 which is reckoned to be half what it would cost in the UK and wise heads are muttering that he knows what he's doing.....I hope.
He's been doing this on the campsite for 8 years and says he's always got work and came recommended..
We are off for lunch at the nearby auberge; Friday being couscous special day but no doubt I can find a sheep's eyeball or two.
I forgot to mention the Moroccan wine. Or rather avoided mentioning it which is what happened to the wine. To be fair it may have been corked, but it went down the drain and haven't found another supermarket to try again. There is talk of a wine shop in Essouria, our next stop, but don't hold your breath. The French may have left a huge cultural legacy but a  thirst for wine was not included.......that's Islam for you.
Everywhere we've walked would have been that much better if a large beer was waiting at the end and every view would have been enhanced by a glass of red.
Elmudin has just been off on his motorbike and returned with a mobile paint sprayer.
We're now hearing that Allah is good and the only one true god and we all nod with silly expressions on our faces, probably ensuring eternal damnation from yet another affronted deity. Hey ho.
We are talking of another trip to Agadir tomorrow, squeezed into a beat up taxi driven by a maniac, no seat belts and still ignored by the ever present police checkpoint.
The promenade is a different world....miles long and could be anywhere on the med,Madeira or the canaries. Completely westernised, full of restaurants ,cafes,nightclubs & hotels and a completely different crowd of tourists who probably never see the places we've been through and think Morocco is chic. They should go 5 miles up the road.


  1. You sound melloncolic and introspective, the lack of alcohol must be getting to you.

  2. Probably about time you headed to India to affront the Hindu and Sikh gods, other than that there can't be too many more left (this assumes you will do a job on the Mormons in the summer...)

  3. At least I know how to spell melancholic and without resorting to spellchecker or confusing a state of mind with a fruit based drink for ladies.