Thursday, 27 February 2014


Left Marrakech on Sunday morning with plans A,B & C, as there are stories of overflowing camp sites and we could not be sure of finding space......but there is plenty of wild camping at Tarhazoute or what is known as guardian camping without facilities but a watchman.
Took the toll road which runs along the front of the snowcapped Atlas before crossing through various gorges and passes, nothing to worry about.  The only problem was the violent headwind which meant full throttle going down hill to avoid coming to a halt and registering 13mpg instead of 99,9 mpg as would be the normal downhill readout.
Scenery changed dramatically several times until we reached the sea at Agadir in blazing sunshine. Nice city, rebuilt after earthquake in 1960, so very modern but still signs of neglect, endemic in Morocco.
Decided not to try plan A and the municipal site actually in the city which was just as well as when I found it 2 days later it was packed and scrubby.
The site at plan B, 15km up the coast was full as we had been warned, but plan C at Imi Ouaddar a further 10 km on was fine. Camping Atlantica is a large site, 790 pitches with lots of chalets, and populated with 90% french for whom the language is not a problem of course. Outside the site is a an industrial estate of small businesses offering every motorhome service imaginable.  We have all had fitted tablecloths made for our inside and outside tables at 150 dirrhum (£11), I bought a handmade hooded coat of many colours for £12 and leather slippers for £6. Malc has had 2 stunning paintings done on the van at £55 each and I would if I thought we would keep the van for a long time. Still might anyway. 5kg of tangerines cost £1.50. Someone will make silver screens to order, and bespoke bike/scooter covers for a few £s. Someone offered to repair the hole in the rear panel but hasn't turned up yet, and Malc has had a new water pump fitted. We are 25km from agadir,  the bus goes hourly for 75p each but is unreliable being often full so we squeeze into Mercedes taxis, happy to take 6, at negotiable prices. We have been in twice and the round trip for 6_is around £20.
The campsite is french riviera standard, with a huge swimming pool and slides, restaurant and pizzeria, and there is a French restaurant close by where we are eating on friday. At the beach, 10 mins walk is a small fishing community, the boats all being rowed and taken in and out of the sea by tractor on a very wide flat beach with heavy surf...
this area being famous for the surf and the next village at Tarhazoute being surf dude hippy central. The next town of Auorir is not a tourist haunt and is quite disgusting and smelly although it does boast an ATM machine , a nice hotel where we all ate for £20 , and is banana central, a kilo costing 80p, cut from the stalk.


  1. A multi colour coat and leather slippers..... Really ! You're not going native are you !!!!

  2. Sounds like the Yak coat I bought at the Great British Beer Festival when somewhat pissed...

  3. Stone cold sober......and now I have a leather hat as well