Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I swore I never would. For 4 years I have avoided it here in Spain and anywhere else for that matter. But friday night's lets-get-pissed-at -the sports-bar event was cancelled due to a day of inclement weather which briefly cleared around 5pm but returned at 7pm and a decision was made to seek alternative entertainment. Paul & Marianne drew the short straw and we piled round there for an evening of drinking which included home-made Sloe Vodka and Cherry Brandy.During the course of this debauchery I refused the wine out of the 2 litre plastic bottle and was then forced into a blind tasting, the no-brainer outcome of which was that I chose the said wine from plastic bottle as the best of the bunch and continued drinking it for the rest of the evening.
Unable to believe this the following day, I went and bought a 2 litre bottle for the princely sum of
€2.19, a picture of which can be seen on the right. Far from consigning it to the kitchen I have found it very palatable at 13.5%. It is labelled as Dominio de Borgia which may conjure visions of Lucretia who I believe was Italian and poisoned people but it does slip down remarkably easily. I am prepared for the storm of derision which will descend but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I'm sitting in my shorts drinking wine from a plastic bottle with my friends........what are you doing ?


  1. Seems you *can* teach an old dog...

  2. And most aptly, for the secret word doohicky to stop spam when I posted that comment above, the secret word was 'scull' :)