Saturday, 8 October 2011


19th September - 8th October

28 days at CAVALAIRE-sur-MER draws to a close with a day of uncharacteristic bad weather in the form of violent winds. Since we have arrived here, we had 1 day on which it rained, 1 day when there were a few showers and now 2 days on which there were high winds and the temperature has remained constantly between 25-30.

Derek & Margaret arrived 2 weeks ago and the alcohol intake has increased to such an extent that the Good Fairy has forbidden me to go round to their place to play any more......and she is still trying to teach us all to say "No thank you, I've had enough" without much success.

We have found some good cycle tracks, visited nice beaches at CAVALIERE, about 8 miles down to the coast and introduced the Parkers to the joys of Boules to such an extent that they have bought their own sets.

A great day out was spent at sea following the regatta at St.Tropez. It was the last day and all the old classic yachts were in full sail as well as the modern huge racing yachts...a magnificent sight against the blue of the sea and the Provence sky. We boarded the boat at Cavalaire, sailed round the coast to St.Trop and spent the day in the Gulf watching the yachts all around us and then had a brief stop in the port to mooch around the town for a couple of hours.....still one of my favourite places.

We have managed to watch most of the Rugby world cup games and are now waiting to watch the England-France 1/4 final having just seen a terrific match between Wales-Ireland in which Wales were awesome winners 22-10. If we beat France (possible but our form has stuttered so far) we shall meet them in the semi-finals.

Starting back home tomorrow, 9th.Oct, with the Parkers until Tuesday when we separate as they head off to a vet to get the dog vaccinated.


We won't be facing the Welsh in the semi-finals as England dismally failed to surmount the first hurdle of beating the French first. 16-0 at half time was enough to make a grown man cry as England decided not to bother the scorers and the second half was only marginally better.....but as the checkout girl at Carrefour said ,,it's only a game,,

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