Sunday, 25 September 2011


10th September - 18th September

The site at MALLEMORT proved to be excellent. The large, shady pitches had water and drainage, facilities were very good, the town ( with a large Intermarche) was a a few kms cycle ride and had an excellent market on Saturday morning for fruit and veg. The local river is part of what appeared to be some sort of hydro-electric scheme run by EDF with a network of canals for pumping water back up to a reservoir and which allowed some nice cycle paths to be available. We stayed for 3 days and might well return in future years on the way to the coast. The opening World Cup Rugby game was fairly mundane ( NZ v. Tonga, not a great contest) and Englands opening game against Argentina was dire and embarassing. The best of the bunch was France v.Japan, a very good game and Japan putting up a terrific fight and nearly causing a magnificent upset.

Moved on Sunday to CAVALAIRE SUR MER where we shall be for the next month. Took the pretty route over Garde La Freinet much to the GF's displeasure, but it saves an hour. Last time we took this road, the Porsche Club of France were having a rally, coming from St.Tropez, and I suspect we ruined a few peoples morning and caused some unexpected changes of underwear; this time, the local Harley Davidson chapter were having a rideout and we seemed to have about 50 bikers behind us, all trying to get past on a narrow, steep,twisty road with rocky overhangs on the inside and huge unguarded drops on the outside. May have ruined their morning too.

Arrived to find Camping La Baie heaving at the seams......the weather is still awesomely hot but fortunately we had a reservation - lost count of the people being turned away. The pitch we were allocated, behind the swimming pool and handy for everything, turned out to be too close to the trees for the satellite, but we could get french tv on the digital so rugby was going to be available. However, on Monday morning I spotted a couple of people leaving, and when I explained in the office that I needed a satellite view in order to watch the rugby the boss overheard and turned out to be a rugby fan and insisted that we were we moved to another pitch at 9.30 and now hvae a near perfect set-up. ITV4 can be a bit iffy but we can switch to french tv for the the odd games - mainly early morning games midweek when breakfast tv takes precedence.

So a week has passed, and we have settled into a very relaxing regime of watching rugby,shopping, eating and lazing by the pool in the afternoon or cycling down to the beach. The camp is in the town and you can walk to the harbour and beach in 5-10 mins. Large market on Wednesday, plenty of shops and a Carrefour within walking distance.

On Saturday night we went to the restaurant as they had a live local Jazz band performing.... it was billed as a Soiree Boeuf, which turned out to be the french term for a jam session and was superb evening of impromptu jazz, blues and rock with some fantastic combinations of guys really enjoying themselves.

The rugby proceeds......England regain some respect but still give cause for concern over the penalty count. Ireland's win over Australia was magnificent as the aussie forwards collapsed, Wales almost come to grief with Samoa (again) South Africa look sharp and France recover from their fright with Japan.

Weather crashes spectacularly on Sunday with massive thunder storm followed by gales on monday ( a mistral) that required severe battening down of hatches..........awning retracted, everything put away or tied down but forecast predicts back to normal on Tuesday.

Have found some lovely cycle paths with great views...more in the next posting.


  1. Given that the Pumas beat Scotland, could we now look back at the England game and think the Argies might not be a bad side after all and we dug deep to beat a well organized side.

  2. I believe that I have rated the Pumas for a long time and they were my team to watch in 2007....where they beat france in the opening match. That is why they are joining the tri-nations next year.