Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well that's Christmas & New Year done for another year and probably the best one ever with us all together for the first time in 5 years...and altogther on New Year's Eve for the first time ever ! How weird is that ?

Justin,Minako & Marcus are back in Japan after a fairly fraught flight for Marcus who contracted some form of 'flu on Sunday night and had to spend 3 hours at Frimley Hospital Emergency Out of Hours Clinic...
Many thanks to William and Lynn who put up with us all over Christmas despite the weather disrupting many plans..............

So we are now getting ready to leave on Sunday for 3 months in the Sunshine
....we're off to sunny Spain, Viva Espagne......not forgetting Portugal where Sir Bruce will be joing us for (another) alcoholic sojurn at Praia da Luz and we try to avoid being pestered by Austin Healy again.

And of course we have entered a new phase.......the scooter is gone and we have 2 electric too many trips up into the mountains for the Good Fairy and the SanRemo riding experience I suspect. We bought them from the Electric Transport Shop in Cambridge who are terrific and have several other branches and whom I cannot recommend enough for their knowledge, help and service. With the weather we have had last month they have not had a great deal of use by we are both very excited by the trips we have roll on the sunny weather....and watch this space


  1. not sure what's going on with your formatting, but I can't read the post!

  2. Oh, and I think it's, meant to be 'Viva España' ;-)