Tuesday, 18 January 2011

.......and finally, CONIL de la FRONTERA

Sunday 16th Jan

Should have been an easy and pleasant run down to CONIL de la FRONTERA, but the ubiquitous fog rather spoiled things, especially around a town called Marchena where the Tomtom was convinced that a new link to the A62 was open except that it wasn't. It may be open one day but not this year. As visibility was down to 50 yards at this stage things got a bit fraught as I tried to avoid the stagnating roadworks that will one day connect to the A62 and began retracing our steps back to somewhere with a signpost. When we eventually found the signs all became clear...except for the visibility...and the fog lifted by the time we in site of civilisation and glorious sunshine saw us to Conil. Arrived at 13.15 coincidently since that meant we had been on the road from Sunday 12.15 to Sunday 12.15 allowing for the time difference, 1540 miles with one days stopover.
La Rosaleda looked good and fairly busy, many smiles and greetings as we booked in and a lot of old faces to say hello to. Weather has been in the mid 20's since beginning of month soeverybody happy. We have a great pitch.......as expected since we picked it out last year and paid a deposit as we left. This is still one of the best sites and very friendly, same staff in the restaurant as we had a bottle of wine to celebrate our arrival and catch upon the news.

Note: I have failed to mention the problems that Nick & Barbera have encountered on their journey down. They left on the Friday before us and took their usual route from Calais down to Orange, then basically following the Med coast all the way down to Gibralter then across to Cadiz. We did this route with them in 2009 but I baulked at doing it again as it cost about £200 in tolls ( we spent £35 in tolls this Year and £5 of that was a mistake) and is slightly longer. Anyway, last year the turbo blew on their Hymer and cost them nearly a week and £1000. So we somewhat startled to receive a text from them on Wednesday to say that they had broken down near Montpelier but expected to be mobile soon. Dave & Geraldine were travelling with them so thay had help at hand. On Thursday a text to say on their way followed by another one saying oh no they weren't as had broken down again. I think it's something to do with the alarm. By Friday the problem was still not fixed and they were being transferred to a Fiat garage on Monday. Meanwhile they are in a chalet on a campsite courtesy of the recovery insurance and as of Tuesday there is no news.

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