Saturday, 20 February 2010

We are the champions.......

SAT 20th Feb

The free wifi connection is very iffy and the best time to connect appears to be 3am as I discovered whislst enjoying a brief respite from the wind sa I watched the sun-lounge attempting to detach itself from the van. My problems with the wifi were not helped for the first 3 days when I tried ineffectually to enter the password YOGI as written down by the lovely senorita in reception. After I rechecked it with her we discovered that the way the spanish write their numbers had fooled me into thinking that 4061 was YOGI.....gosh how we all laughed ! So having entered the correct password of 4061 the signal is still iffy and drops in and out at random as too many people with nothing to do in the rain are skyping, downloading films and watching football on line....except at 3 am as I discovered.
The sun-lounge was eventually dismantled on Tuesday, whereupon sod's law ensured that the wind dropped, the rain stopped and the sun came out. However it will not be going back up until there at least a week of good weather forecast.......which is nowhere in view yet. I understand it's all the fault of the Jet stream which is sitting over the north african coast instead of lurking up round Greenland where it is supposed to be.
Success at the quiz night where we won first prize of 44€ this week with a highly creditable 44/50 if I do say so myself...and if certain people had heeded my contention that Sable in Heraldry is black and not purple it would have been 45/50 (the Gf did get the question on Meatloaf correct however so I musn't be too harsh).
Most of our winnings disappeared the next day when the cost of sending two books to Marcus in Japan cost 17.30€ which was 3 times what the books cost.

Anyway, we have now had 2 days of sunshine, the Pates arrive on Sunday which will ensure that the rain returns for the duration of their stay, and I'm off to Jerez with the boys to watch the last day of F1 testing whilst the Gf goes shopping so that Dave & Briony have milk & bread to greet them in their chalet.


  1. how was the F1 testing then ? Following it on Autosport it looks like the Mclaren and Ferraris are going to be duking it out for the silverware with REdbull, Mecedes and Sauber up next.

    The fantasy F1 will be up and ready soon by the way. It'll be onlne this year so no need to send me emails.

  2. hi PB & GF - received your postcard at the weekend, which reminded me to look up your blog at long last - had quite a bit to catch up on. What adventures you have already had, and you've only just started out!

    Hope David & Briony arrived ok. Padders and I were thinking of you all out there in the sunshine (?) whilst we are forced to clear snow from our cars yet again & raised glass to you all at dinner time yesterday (a nice bit of brisket of beef with all the trimmings in case anyone is interested). Looking forward to further postings as your adventure continues to unfold.

    love to GF, DP & BP

    from N D

  3. have just been playing aroung with my profile etc & and have posted this to see if it has changed as per my instructions