Friday, 12 February 2010

Feb 11th.

Still smarting from failing to win the quiz outright (and 43€) by just one question and coming 3rd out of 3 in the tie break.
.. .the good news..........
Arose to brilliant sunshine and by midday the Gf had even taken a few layers of fleeces off and was complaining about the heat. Spent the morning wandering the site looking for a good pitch that was a) not waterlogged b) on the right side for the sun and c) not under too many trees to block the satellite. This involved walking up and down, finding a pitch,kicking earth, estimating satellite alignments, walking back to reception to find that that pitch was reserved for someone due to arive at some unspecified date in the future but who had left a cash deposit last year for a 3 month stay and would be arriving soon, and walking back to start the process again. This was quite entertaining as we were accosted by by a lot a people who we had met last year and who all recounted their experiences in getting down to spain this year. It transpires that it was a complete lottery as to whether you had a nightmare of bad weather through France or not in January, and even a few days made a great difference. Some people sailed over the Pyrenees without a glimpse of snow whilst others were turned back by the french police for not having snow chains. Everybody had a story to tell and the morning passed in a blur. The good weather was drying the pitches very rapidly but the underlying weeks of rain......spain has had its worst winter for 40 years just like last year (?)......has left most pitches so soft that 4 tons of motorhome will sink into very deep ruts. Eventually we were approached by a very nice german couple who saw us looking around and explained that they were leaving tomorrow and that they had themselves put gravel and shingle under their van to make a hard standing which we could see had been very effective. Back to reception to find that this pitch was not subject to any advance booking so we will now be moving onto it in the morning.
The bad news.....
The 15 day forecast predicts rain, gales & thunderstorms without a break....................................bugger


  1. So this is the second year you have done the wintering-in-Spain thing and this is the second successive year of Spanish monsoon weather; coincidence...?

  2. Oh hang de Frontera... has 6 beaches, including Playa El Roqueo, which has an interesting 1936 Civil War bunker

  3. Conil de la Frontera[1] (hasta 1981 simplemente Conil) es un municipio español de la provincia de Cádiz, Andalucía. En el año 2008 contaba con 20.752 habitantes. Su extensión superficial es de 87 km² y tiene una densidad de 234,46 hab/km². Sus coordenadas geográficas son 36º 16' N, 6º 05' O. Se encuentra situada a una altitud de 41 metros y a 43 kilómetros de la capital de provincia, Cádiz.

  4. Conil está situado sobre un llano costero al suroeste de la provincia de Cádiz, bañado por el Océano Atlántico. Dista de la capital unos 43 kilómetros. En su situación más oriental domina el llano, siendo su parte más occidental acantilados entre los que destaca el de Roche. Forma parte de la comarca de La Janda.