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E1 4th.September 2016

9th- 13th September
Lake Bled is a gorgeous spot, smaller than I anticipated but exceedingly pleasant. Camping Lake Bled is run by the Sava hotel group which has several prestigious establishments in the vicinity  and despite the size is run to exacting standards which have to place it high in the lists. Could  not fault the facilities (even washers and dryers were cheap for the laundry )and considering the diverse range of nationalities everything was remarkably clean. Everybody we spoke to commented on the standards.
The lake is only about 5.5 miles round and the cycle track is more a walking track at the weekend.....we first tried it on Saturday and gave up and had a beer. On Monday it was much nicer, and on Tuesday we did a 22 mile cycle route in the countryside which was a bit hard going for 'medium' but we found a great bar in the middle of nowhere that  brewed it's own beer, a pint of which was just what was needed on a bakingly hot day.  The route through small villages ands along the Sava River was scenic and an interesting insight into rural Slovenia.
We also stumbled on the Kafe Belvedere by chance, a wonderful cafe terrace overlooking the lake and where Tito entertained Heads of State. It is beautifully preserved and awesome to be in the same rooms where so many (in)famous people were and where so much must have been discussed.
The campsite boasted an excellent restaurant that we used twice......good substantial food and large portions. Can certainly recommend Bled a a holiday destination. ....prices always reasonable and some great beers with a view.

14th September
Rather than catch a bus to Ljubljana, only 48kms away but 1.5 hrs, we pick something out of Camperstop close to centre..a Motorhome Hotel stopover, and head there. Stop at Lidl's to restock, and return to van to find a bloke hopping up and down in front of the van....he turns out to be English and he was the owner of the van fom new and before us......weird coincidence or what, a thousand miles from the UK. ! Much laughter and stories whilst our ice cream melts in the trolley and he takes  picture of us I did not feel it necessary to take a picture. Even stranger, they had been staying on the same campsite as us for the last week.

On to Ljubljana avoiding motorway.....much discussion about necessity for vignettes for being over 3.5 t and paying tolls at commercial truck rates which are high....eventually decide that all motorhomes qualify for vignette rate irrespective of weight which means buying one for €15 for 7 days rather than pay the commercial tolls to Zagreb of €62 where we are going tomorrow. buy vignette at garage when cycling into town.

LJUBLJANA.  Ace city. We find our hotel stopover.....many hotels have a parking area for motorhomes with full facilities,  excellent choice just 2.5 miles from centre, with excellent dedicated cycle paths. University city, very bike friendly. And it apears to be about 2 square miles  of bars and restaurants.  The old centre is quite small but perfectly formed along both banks of the narrow river. The cathedral is superb and the whole place is delightful....English is the lingua franca and there is lots of beer to be had. This is definitely a bteam city break long weekend venue which we will certainly return to, hopefully with friends..?...?
Being in possession of a vignette we shall motorway to Croatia tomorrow and see if ZAGREB is as nice.

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