Thursday, 3 March 2016


3rd March 2016

Some of those who read this know Marianne,  others have probably heard me talk about her. She makes me smile when I see her because her zest for life is so positive that she just lights up everything around  her and never stops talking, so to suddenly discover 3 days ago that the scan showed cancer in the pancreas, liver and lungs was devastating. We're just glad we were here to give Paul some support but we'll never go back to Olhāo.
They flew home via an air ambulance today, leaving the van on site but god knows when Paul will come back to fetch it. The next few months will be his worst nightmare and that's just one more problem.
We left Olhāo his morning and stopped at Portimao which was a mistake so we'll be moving on's wall to wall  all day English breakfasts, Irish pubs, Sky sports and Sunday roasts.. and we haven't seen the beach,so off to Vila Nova de Milfontes since we've never been there before.
Apart from the bad vibes of Olhāo,  we cycled on the salt marshes, took the ferry to the island of CULATRA , had a picnic and walked to Farol to catch the ferry back. Went to the market, the jazz bar and the french restaurant for beef bourguignon(?) at €7 including 1/4 ltr wine, a huge dish of strawberries and coffee. Walked in the nature reserve and saw the egrets come home to roost at dusk so we managed to keep going in the sunshine.....shame about the rest of it.

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