Wednesday, 23 September 2015


21st September 2015

We've done a lot of buses, from Nagano to New York via Moscow,Split,Luxembourg,Barcelona, Lyon,Sorento,Berlin,Prague,Los Angeles and the length and breadth of England to name just a few off the top of my head and without doubt the worst bus company we have ever encountered has to be First Bus in Newquay. The timetables are a nonsense, the smartphone app is incorrect, the buses are filthy and the staff, who don't give a toss, cancel buses and close the terminus office to suit themselves.  They have digtal information displays at bus stops which display incorrect information  because the timetable has changed but nobody has bothered to update the system with the new timetables. The drivers can't be bothered to alter the route numbers on their bus, preferring to yell through the door "it's not a 59, it's an 84". A 3 page letter is on its way. We spent a lot of time hanging around for buses that failed to materialise and got fitter walking back from wherever we could get a bus to but wasn't where we actually wanted to be.
Added to that the weather wasn't brilliant and I had a massive tooth failure as something appears to have sheared off and the emergency NHS dentist at newquay hospital was not exactly me the choice of extracting the stump or going back home and having a crown implanted. As he was as reassuring as Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man, I am hoping that his assurance that it won't get any worse in the next couple of weeks is correct and that the nice Claire in Martlesham Heath will be able to sort out the seemingly massive crater I now have where there used to be a large molar. At least he didn't charge me anything which would not have been the case had I managed to get an emergency appointment with any dentist in Newquay who seem to reserve emergency appointments exclusively for existing customers. Fortunately,  one of them apologetically suggested the NHS helpline who did at least get me an appointment at said hospital but with the aforementioned result.......
But that's enough of me.
Rugby World Cup has started well and we HD a wonderful feast of rugby over the weekend
England stuttered with Fiji,  Wales triumphed but at injury cost, All Blacks showed vulnerability and Japan gave us the best game to watch since the 2003 final....who else would have spurned a penalty to draw the game in injury time in favour of opting for another scrum to secure the winning try. I'd love to know how many of the top 8 teams would have taken the draw.
So now we are in St . Ives on a lovely site above the town (walkable if steep) with lovely sea views..
if only the weather was better......but at least we managed to avoid meeting the fellow with his 7 wives and all those cats so here's a picture of the harbour.

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  1. A bus from Nagano to New York via Moscow - blimey, that's one helluva route...