Sunday, 9 March 2014


Sunday 9th march

After the tour of Fes  with our own personal shopper Idris, lamenting his loss of commission on the stalled carpet sale, we headed north on Saturday for our last stop before the ferry back to Spain on Monday.
Absoluteyl stunning drive through scenic hills. The usual driving hazards of  people, goats, sheep,  cows ,donkeys, bikes, mopeds, which populate the roadside were augmented by some of the worst road surfaces we have encountered, making progress slow. We also found convoys of tractors in a land were we could count the number of tractors we have seen on one hand. This always happened on twisty mountain climbs as sod's law dictates.
To demonstrate the friendliness of the Moroccans, at our coffee stop, a lorry emerging from a side road stopped and the driver ran across with a handful of oranges which he insisted we take ( I had just bought 6k at the roadside for £1.50 but he didn't know that) . He wished us good luck and drove off all smiles and waves. On the road, children all wave to us and jump up and down when we wave back and turn cartwheels if I blow the horn. Actually an awful lot of people wave at us in the country which is nice..
Arrived at our destination, Chefchaouen, high up on the hillside of a very fertile valley. Steep climb to campsite above town, 1st gear in places, and got excellent pitch on edge of precipice  looking down and across valley.
Chefchaouen is noted as a blue town as many buildings are painted blue but unable to say why. Founded by refugees fleeing the Spanish reconquista, until 1920,  only 2 Europeans had managed to enter it and live to tell the tale.
It is however reckoned to be the prettiest town in Morocco and we would believe it. Had lovely lunch overlooking main square in medina for £6 a head and  taxi back up the hill for 70p.
Tomorrow off to Tangier early and hope hopefully back to Spain by the evening if we're allowed out of the country.

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