Sunday, 12 January 2014

Kings,boules,quiz,whist,sun& money

Mk..a week flies by

Sun 12th Jan

We hadn't parked the van or switched off the engine before Harry wanted to know who we would partner for the quiz....we only teemed up with them ( very successfully) as Paul & Marianne didn't make it last year due to the shoulder accident in Croatia. As P&M are here this year, the four of them had been winding each other up for weeks about who we would partner when the quiz started on Wednesday. We had discussed this at length, the choice being high probability of cash prizes versus loyalty to old friends .......
The weather cleared on Saturday to bright, warm sunshine. We had the chance to move onto the pitch next door (slightly larger and flatter) as Roy had cancelled due to the untimely death of Joy to cancer, but after messing about for hours the satellite dish would not lock on with a tree in the wrong place so we moved back to the original. This meant that the hardware shop across the road had closed and I couldn't get the plastic I needed to put under the groundsheets in case it rained to protect the awning extension....technical the day was wasted and we played boules. And on Sunday, which was epiphany, and we all went into town at 6pm for the 3 Kings festival, which became a bar crawl and the parade of floats with kings hurling bucketfuls of sweets into the crowds and then hurling toys from the top of the tower in the central square for ages whilst the Gf had a panic attack about being trampled to death and had to stand between Harry & Paul who are both large for protection. Followed by a bar crawl back home but all very Spanish and jolly.
Monday, being a bank holiday, the hardware shop was closed so another day in which we didn't get unpacked and settled but we did play boules. And I ran into Jean Marie and Martina who run the site who greeted me like a long lost son and gave me a bottle of wine wrapped up in a calendar which everyone on site was given at Christmas but which they had saved for me.
On Tuesday we finally got sorted and the awning erected on nice protective groundsheets and I think we played boules. We also discovered that we had a problem with the Caxton currency card which was refused at the supermarket with a chip error. Phoned Caxton to find that it would cost £50 to have a new card sent out by courier. Decided to try an ATM.
ON Wednesday we joined a jolly crowd cycling to a local venta  for lunch ( €8 for 3 courses incl wine) and then the quiz....of course we did the decent thing and partnered P&M and of course came 2nd. And no, Harry & Joan did not come first. We were beaten by a foursome including Paul & Caroline who we won with last year before dumping them for Harry & Joan so a club is now forming of quiz partners we have dumped.
Thursday was boules and whist, interspersed with a Zumba session that Harry talked me into. Bastard. Won't be doing that again.
The boules is very competitive and the sledging could teach the English cricket team a thing or two.
On Friday I tried the currency card in every ATM in town and the supermarket again with no success. Rang Caxton again and refused to pay the £50 . They then offered to refund the € 1470 balance  back to our account but at a stupid exchange rate which would have left us £75 out of pocket, having only loaded the card 2 weeks ago.. Eventually spoke to someone sensible and they are now sending a new card out by mail rather than courier for no cost which is what I wanted from the start.
Found a great microbrewery in town for lunch with H&J...extremely nubile young waitresses as well..
Weather is great, lots of sun, chilly overnight, lots of beer and wine flowing with the rioja at €1.69, and no flooding,gales or a polar vortex in sight.


  1. I have a mental vision of you "attempting" Zumba now ... It makes me feel dirty !!!

  2. You could not feel any worse than I did