Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I could have been in the south of France

It seemed like a good idea after Spain and Turkey to spend the late summer in England.......go to a show, meet a few friends, do the Lakes with D&M and see England as the seasons slide into autumn.
Hadn't reckoned on the entire membership of the Caravan Club and the Camping & Caravan Club hitting the road at the same time.......
The Newark show was good, with good entertainment, and nice to be there with Ken & Jacky and see Paul & Marianne who came over for the day.....and D&M may have been persuaded to join the Morocco adventure after meeting the others.....
The lakes however are fully booked even though it is raining.
Plan  B, go to east coast and explore. .....except everywhere full as well. Now in Scarborough but only just and its raining here as well. So maybe off to the Peaks where its not raining but will be when we get there......the Gf is winning all the money at cards of which there is a lot on account of weather.......and Ken & Jacky left for Croatia on Sunday where it is not raining at all....ho humm.


  1. Just to point out... There is a fairly hearty storm on its way. Predicted to hit on Friday. Are you sure you want to be on the waters edge in a fill on force 9 ? Head for the high ground and make sure theres enough gin!!!!

  2. Come to Japan. Glorious weather here as the humidity has stopped early for some reason so it's hot but not unpleasant and no caravaners or motorhomers blocking up the roads. No camping sites, aires or gites either but you can't have everything. Oh, and gin is cheaper than the UK :)