Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SO WHAT'S NEW........

Just catching up because I have been very lazy and let this drift..........
Having left Bordeaux, we stopped first at VIVONNE where there was a very pleasant Aire in the town square (even if the directions were confusing) and then caught up with Derek and Margaret again at La SUZE s/SARTHE, one of our favourite Aires by the river. Another alcoholically fuelled night and I don't remember who won the card game. The next night was Calais and a terrific meal as usual at Cote d'Argent and back home the next day.

Home for 3 weeks, during which the remaining grass was covered with gravel to provide an almost maitenance free enviroment for the future then off to the ISLE of WIGHT ......I don't know why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. The GF had gone down to her mother's after we had spent an excellent Easter at Rutland chez the Clarks with JK+C who took her back with them,and as I was going to drive the van down to pick her up the IOW seemed like a good idea at the time. The cost of taking the van over being so exorbitant made me book for nearly 3 weeks to justify the expense rather than the 5 days we should have opted for. Suffice to say I got bored. We cycled a bit but the GF didn't like the narrow lanes with traffic and even with electric bikes some of the hills were hard going. We pottered around on buses a bit, the weather was warmish but a constant cold wind didn't help.
Then down to Dorset and a great campsite at EYPE near Bridport, on the cliffs with views from Lyme Regis round to Portland. Had intended staying 5 nights but ended up there for 11 as it was such a great place. Lots of walking not much cycling.........and D&M dropped in for a night on their way down to Taunton for solar panels & Lpg tanks to be fitted.
Then down to the New Forest for the Spring Bank Holiday to meet up with JK+C for the weekend. Unfortunately weather was not good, campsite was packed but they had kept a pitch for us next to their tent. J+K stayed the weekend then left Charlie with us for another 2 nights which was fun. Dropped Charlie back home on june 1st and then back to drought at Martlesham...good job we did away with the grass.

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