Friday, 18 March 2011


Thursday 17th.March 2011

So the weekend's bad weather continued into Monday with the forecast not improving until later in week. D&M decided to move on to OLHAO on Tuesday morning which actually dawned bright,sunny & warm - thus reinforcing the impression that this spell of rain is all their fault and that they didn't leave their little God of rain back in the Uk as they are supposed to. Although Olhao is only 8 miles or so down the road they were hoping to find some friends they met on the Greek trip who often winter at the campsite. The plan was to stay 1 or 2 nights depending on whether they found them, then head on to Lagos and Sagres to see the Algarve and eventually meeting up with us again at EVORA where we will be going on sunday at the start of a 3 week long slow journey home via CACERES,TOLEDO & SEGOVIA.
Paul & Marianne sent a text suggesting a lunch on wednesday in Olhao with them which sounded good.
Tuesday afternoon we cycled out on to the marshes and finally tracked down the beaches at PEDRAS DEL REI which we have searched for before in vain........everybody knows them but nobody could actually tell us how to find them....Down a tiny lane we found the narrow pontoon bridge that crossed the inlets to the outer Isle of Tavira where a tiny train ferried us to the old tuna fishing community a mile away on the beach. The train is a relic of the tuna fishing industry, now converted to taking paying passengers out to the village for 1€20 where the old stone cottages have been turned into a cafe, restaurant,gift shop and picture gallery museum.. The beach is immense and the views must stretch well down the Algarve and back to Spain. There is also the curiosity of the Graveyard of Anchors where hundreds of anchors, once used to weigh down the tuna nets, are half buried on the sand dunes. The pictures show graphically how the fishing boats were circled, the nets raised and men jumped down into them to gaff the enormous tuna that had been hauled to the surface. It all seemed a bit barbaric but very hard and dangerous. The community finally gave up the struggle to survive in 1966. A fascinating glimpse of a former way of life.

So wednesday dawned sunny & bright so we set off for Olhao to meet Paul & Marianne....and this is the small world bit...
They had asked another couple to join us, Frank & Glenys. Frank & Glenys said they had just met some up with some friends, could they bring them along as well ? Frank & Glenys told the friends that they would be joining Paul & Marianne, whereupon the friends said that they had heard that name mentioned recently.... and yes of course they turned out to be D&M..........they had intended to surprise us by turning up at the restaurant after the rest of us got there, but since their van was parked near the entrance to the campsite and we had to pass it, we stopped and called in, not having really expected to see them until sunday. As I explained that P&M had booked a table for lunch that did not include them they responded by saying oh yes they had been we all laughed when all was revealed.!!!!!!! Gosh we know how to have fun out here........
So lunch was a table of 8 at Sergio's, (which we had missed trying last year as it was closed the day we went) where after a magnificent repast with much wine the bill came to 68€ !!!!!
Lunch lasted until 4 pm, then back to the site for a few beers before the GF decided I was in grave danger of being drunk in possession of a bicycle and we ought to make for home. Nicely, the earlier breeze had abated and we a very pleasant cycle back...only 30 mins by electric bike and the wonderful sight of a large flock of flamingoes.
Next few days look set fair so we shall remain at Fuzeta and leave on sunday for Evora


  1. Those long winter evenings must just fly by...

  2. ...especially when the temperature is 25c,the wine is 1€64 a bottle and a very large brandy is 1€50.......