Friday, 11 February 2011


Friday 12th February 2011

Somewhat hazy about the last few days as they involved the consumption of a considerable amount of alcohol. It started with another top 3 finish in the weekly quiz although having tied on 2nd ( because I wouldn't listen to the Gf and put Wellington for Old Ironsides instead of Cromwell.....hey - he was the Iron Duke and I was on a roll after correctly answering Antartica for the location of Mt. Erebus,Johnny Cash as the Man In Black and Persia as the country of Xerxes so I did my bit) and then losing in the tie-break ( length of the Suez Canal - Paul immediately said 220 miles and I had no idea so went with it.......look it up yourselves to see how close we were) so we came 3rd, preserving our previous record of 1st,2nd & 3rd.
As there is a starburst of people leaving over the next few days-some home, some to other spanish sites and more to Portugal - 8 of us had lunch at one of the bars on the beach that started at 3pm, went on till 6.30 ( the bill was 108€ ) and ended up in the bar by the sports stadium where every drink is 1 €.
Friday was Paul's birthday and more alcohol was consumed and the final boules match when the men were firing on all cylinders, possibly due to alcohol, and ran out 3-0 winners.
And the sun keeps shining. We are off to Tariva on Tuesday, new horizons for us, and Paul & Marianne are off to Olhao on Monday but as they are not too far apart we intend to meet for lunch at some stage as there is a cycle track along the Algarve coast linking them.
Conil has been great, the weather nearly perfect so we will be back next year.

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