Thursday, 29 April 2010

I Wish I Was Somewhere Else........Is it just Me or what?

The boiler finally got repaired after nearly a week of showering round at the neighbours but 24 hours later it started vibrating and making the most horrendous noises and it only cost £ the man is coming back. It takes him 3 hours each way from Coventry and he was here for an hour and then going wonder they charge so much for a call out.
The van was supposed to go to the Fiat garage for the reverse gear modification on Monday- all arranged back in December by Fiat Customer Services, but when I rang to check on Friday they denied all knowledge. A call to Fiat verified my version and the garage fell back on the old 'he doesn't work here any more' excuse. Everybody ran around though and found the correct bits and then told me a) it was a 3 day job and b) had anybody checked that they could get the van on their ramps? So the Gf followed me to Diss, where the van has been serviced over the last 3 years, only to discover that they could NOT get the van up on their ramps as it was too large. Just as I was about to explode, the apprentice lad in the workshops piped up and said why didn't we go to their Bury St Edmonds branch (20 miles away) as they had a bigger ramp..........not that the chief engineer and the service manager had thought of that! So we drove over to BStE after frantic phone calls (it was 5pm) and loading a huge box of half a gear box onto the van and yes they could handle it and would be able to start on Monday so problem eventually solved.
But the tracking device needed a new upgraded transponder at a special offer price of £250 and whilst it has been delivered to me by courier, I am still waiting for the fitter to get in touch.....
And then we went to a motorhome show and I spent £115 buying stainless steel gas hoses, a new changeover valve and an adapter for coupling a spanish connector to the new stainless steel hoses.......hopefully to prevent any more regulators fouling up from rubber hoses.


I am sure that many of my readers will remember that I have a healthy cynicism for the Olympic movement and generally refuse to have anything to do with it and the profligate waste of money that it represents so imagine my unbridled joy at the following item in the Residents monthly newsletter: quote

Some of you will have have read in the local press that the AZERBAIJAN team for the Olympics have selected Ipswich as its pre-games training camp. This is a major coup for the town of Ipswich and we are pleased to inform all residents that Falcon Park will also be playing a major role in welcoming some of the Azerbaijan team.
In a letter to the B.O.C. dated 1st April 2010 and jointly signed by Minister Idiota Abril and Ambassador Fulraparil of the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan, it has been confirmed that their women's beach volleyball team will be using Mr Ritchies field ( adjacent to Lugano Ave) as their training facility. This will initially cause some minor disruption on the Park, including some overnight disturbance, whilst heavy equipment moves in to temporarily convert the field to a beach by depositing 1000 tonnes of sand onto the field. Changing and restaurant facilities will also be constructed. A one way system will have to operate on the Park roads whilst this operation takes place.
In addition, Minister Abril and Ambassador Fulaparil have requested that accommodation be provided close to their training ground. Therefore any resident able to offer board and lodging to members of the women's team should contact the Park manager to register their interest as soon as possible.Substantial remuneration will be paid, in additionto which an Azerbaijan National flag (with pole) will be issued to those residents wishing to show their support for the team. Please watch the noticeboards for further information. End quote

Principles are one thing but the chance to extend the hand of friendship to a member of the ladies beach volleyball team should not be lightly spurned..........just don't tell the Gf that we may have a lodger in August.

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  1. 1,000 tonnes of sand, an Azerbaijani flag (with pole!) and a female volleyballer?!

    I'll be home for a visit in July 2012 :)