Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mind your Peas and Q's

For the benefit of others who might be one flipper short of a wet suit, the initials Gf refer to the Good Fairy, aka 'my wife' and not, as Julian has apparently been under the impression, my Girlfriend.
Apositely, she wishes me to relate what she considers a faux pas on my part which have I have neglected to share with the wider audience.
Shopping is best done by her giving me a list and I go down to the flavour-of-the-month supermarket on the scooter as I can carry far more without her 65 kilos on the pillion. This causes occasional problems as I am expected to use my iniative when confronted with Johnny Foreigner's idea of Tesco's,packaging,labelling and obscene parts of an animal apparently being offered for sale. (And I would like to point out that it was not my idea to buy Pig's Cheek, even if it was cheap and didn't taste too bad in the end). Anyway, we are currently buying fresh fruit and veg. at a lorry parked daily outside the Lagos Municipal Cemetary, where everybody stops doing anything whenever a cortege passes as a mark of respect. There are no prices on display, and you wander about rummaging through crates with your own plastic bags then take whatever you want to a rickety old weighing machine where without even looking at you your produce is weighed and a figure written in an old notebook. This is then totalled and you are shown what you owe. ( not a calculator in sight). Now this may sound highly suspicious but we were directed here by local word of mouth and I have to say that 5kg Oranges, 2kg Bananas and assorted carrots,apples,runner beans and cougettes for 4€ sounds pretty good value to me. However, the point of this ramble is that when I returned on Friday with my rucksack of goodies I duly handed them over to the Gf for storage. After A few minutes, I was called back to explain why I had purchased 4 small cucumbers and where were the cougettes. They are very small cucumbers but are they are definitely cucumbers, I have to admit, as we are now existing on cucumber salads for the forseeable future.....any recipes on a postcard to
The Municipal Cemetary, Lagos, plot 916.

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  1. Bound to start happening eventually, do you get confused about who you are and what you're doing...?